Show Me The Money – 3Reel Slots

“Show me the Money” is a 3 reel machine which has 1 pay-line. You can bet for more than 1 coin on each line. The minimum bet is 1 coin, & max coins you can bet is 3 for this slot machine. The betting range from £25p -£1. The winnings are payed from the left most reel to the right, when you get matched symbols. The player can also choose to play with bonus bucks.

Show me the money slot machine have special future called “play 3 Credits”, by clicking on ’Play 3 Credits’ it will spin the machine with 3 coins, and automatically the bet is multiplied by the bet per line selected to three times. If you get a wild symbol you get some extra winnings. When you get wild symbol as the winning combination, then it will multiply the bet amount per line by 3 times for wild symbol, and 9 times for two wild symbols. The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except for the bonus symbol.
Bonus round comes into play when bonus symbols appears on the third reel with 3Coins played. Play the bonus round by clicking “Accept Offer”, to accept the first offer, or you can try again by clicking “Try again” which will offer, new bonus win. You can try this for three times and, the final third offer is accepted by default, if you haven’t opted to choose in the first two offers. So, do try out this slot machine, click on bet and start a spin to win.

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